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Do you have several special birthdays or events on your gift giving list?  It’s understandably a struggle to continue to come up with new and original gift ideas. So often the latest gadgets are hot for several months and then enthusiasm wanes. No one wants to search high and low for the perfect sweater or vase only to see them gathering dust in a closet. It’s almost become a cop out to grab a gift card at the grocery check-out line and attempt to pass it along as a thoughtful gift. The greatest gifts are ones that are personal and include a degree of giving of yourself, time, resources and thoughtfulness. Consider these creative ideas from the professional shoppers to ramp up your gift giving creativity.

Consider the value of giving experiences and consumables as gifts.  Adding an element of anticipation to gift giving is fun for both the giver and the recipient. From those on your list that seem to have everything at their disposal, a little extra research may be required as well as advanced planning. Tickets to a concert, day passes to zip line parks and movie theater tickets are but a few creative ways to honor the special person in your life. Consider taking advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and selecting from the fabulous array of edible gifts, artfully packaged, from Harry and David. Anyone would be thrilled to find a selection of these on their doorstep.

Gadgets are always the hot ticket item when it comes to Christmas and Birthday shopping! Unfortunately, they are also the more expensive items on everyone’s wish list. Just consider the popular items; laptops, desktop computers, tablets, cellphones, drones, smart TV’s, stereos and receivers and surround sound etc.  Buying these items for a friend or loved one can make you go broke. This is why you should take advantage of money saving techniques like buying online rather than in a brick-and-mortar store. Likewise, make sure you check out online discount and coupon sites to take advantage of additional savings. Many people will even buy discounted gift cards of the store of their choice, and often you can get an additional 10% – 20% off on your purchase.

Finally, if you’re on a limited budget, gift the gift of your skills. Everyone has skills.  Bake that cake or lasagna that you’re so famous for. Make gift certificates for taking their car to be serviced, house and pet sitting while they’re away, lawn care and the list can go on and on. Be creative and give a part of yourself. It will no doubt be the most valued gift they receive.