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Image stabilization is now a very common feature in DSLR cameras; and yes, it does help create better quality videos. Still, to get high quality videos when making hand-held video shots, additional image stabilization is highly recommended, hence the need for DSLR stabilizers. Basically, DSLR stabilizers ensure consistently better quality videos.
Today’s cameras are built for portability, and that makes them so light and small that blurry shots are usually a huge and common inconvenience when taking video shots. Otherwise, why else would the DSLR stabilizers market grow so fast in the past few years? And so, if you are looking for the best DSLR stabilizer, here are some options.
5 Popular DSLR Stabilizers
1. The Roxant Pro
The Roxant Pro is a perfect blend of quality and value. Capable of addressing the video and image stabilization needs of both professional and amateur DSLR fans, this gadget is one of the best options those shopping for video stabilizers have.
Its light weight aside, this device is also very sturdy and well-constructed; not to mention quite easy to wield. So, if smooth clear videos seem to elude you despite having a top-of-the-line DSLR camera, this is the solution you need to turn things around.
And for those who think that taking professional quality videos cannot be fun, the Roxant Pro will quickly change that perception. The device is very simplistically and intuitively designed, and certainly more comfortable to hold than the DSLR camera on its own.
2. DJI Ronin-M 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizer
Most stabilizers are intended for light DSLR cameras, but if you have a camera of up to 3.6 kgs, then you need a stabilizer such as the DJI Ronin-M 3-Axis Handheld stabilizer. This is obviously a professional-grade stabilizer, but even amateurs will not have too much trouble figuring it out and using it to make stable DSLR video shots.
Despite its amazing capabilities, this stabilizer is also very portable and versatile when it comes to shot angles. Furthermore, it is strong enough to handle quite a bit of rough handling. And although this is not exactly a budget video stabilizer, it will nonetheless be worth every dime you pay for it and more.
3. Beholder DS1 Handheld Stabilizer
Even though it spots a simplistic design, this DSLR stabilizer is one of the most reliable model you can find in the market at the moment. The camera accessory makes it very easy to take steady videos when using your Canon, Sony, Nikon or any other DSLR camera brand.
The superior image stabilization is clearly the product of its 3-axis stabilization feature. For additional use convenience, the stabilizer also has an external remote control and support for multiple shooting angles. In fact, this stabilizer is so good and intuitively designed that both amateurs and professionals would benefit from what it has to offer.
The stabilizer can support cameras of up to 1.7 kgs, although it’s ideal for cameras of at least 0.75 kgs. It will also ensure that your motions as you record videos remain natural and therefore more fun and engaging.
4. NeewerFilmMaker Portable System
If you believe that video stabilization is a little more serious than a hand-held stabilizer makes it look, then the NeewerFilmMaker Portable system will be right up your alley. This gadget has two handles for the hands and an additional shoulder mount.
Besides providing better quality and more consistent video stabilization, this device is also able to provide a more comfortable use experience since all the weight is not on one hand, or two hands for that matter. So, if you often take long videos with your camera, this stabilizer is worth serious consideration as you shop around. This stabilizer is also very easy to adjust, which makes it ideal for most recording situations.
5. DVC 17837 DSLR FlycamNano Camera Stabilizer
This is one of the most versatile DSLR video stabilizers there is at the moment. It works with all the common camera brands. Beyond that, it offers a use experience that suits both amateurs and professionals.
In fact, the quality video stabilization this camera accessory offers makes amateurs seem like professional videographers – it’s that easy to use. A lot of thought has also gone into making the stabilizer portable, which is why it is very easy to disassemble so that it is as easy to carry as the DSLR cameras that go with it.
For a DSLR stabilizer, the DVC 17837 is also ideal because it is very light in weight, which means you will not get tired easily as you take videos. Otherwise, it does not matter if you are a pro or just getting started out as a videographer, this stabilizer is a great thing to have.